Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kingscout 2010
Please pay attention at the end of the video clip, that is so-called climax.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Malaysia Scouts Official Song
watch it. And please memorize the song! every single word will be tested.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

King Scouts

Attention to those who are determined to sit for King Scouts Test,
The Pra-King Scouts Camp will be held on 22nd of January.
Please spread this news.

Again attention to those who are going to sit for King Scouts,
If you want to sit for the test, please BE CONTENTED WITH knowledge and practices.
It will not be only a piece of cake even for a professional, once in the life time.
Try your best and you can make it.
If you don't know what to be done for the preparation,
please contact Wei Hao or Wen Khai as soon as possible.
That means we won't be sending those who "ai mai ai mai" or play play de ppl go,
Join us and we learn together.
It is never too late or too early.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Team Spirit

Walao!! Mana boleh :-p
Underageds should have closed eyes.
(P/S: if you want to read this blog, do not give any non-preferable comments as we do not need any from you.)
Wow, Menara. It may not be that perfect and nice.
But as I said, we are still learning. We seek for betterment and improvement.

Adjusting the tripod, it is somehow important to ensure that the tripod would be stable.
Science Knowledge Application:
Larger Base Area
Lower Centre of Gravity
to ensure that it is more stable. XD

(Designed Description) Hoi! What are you doing with our tripod?
Want kena aluba is it? We'll meet your "demand" then
We had a drink( the cups there as prove),
then kept on working hard to work this menara out.

Our simple yet satisfying lunch.

Our Ah Heng, tried resolutely to get the bamboo chopped.

Oi Bahaya larh, hati hati ah...:-p

Our bamboo, i prefer calling them buluh.

Yea we own this , aren't we rich? Opps...

Aiyo, our quartermaster, carried some buluh from the underground floor of the stage.

Our buluh looked nice. :-)

Underground of the stage, our Koh JK was taking the buluh.
We did something amusing.(As usual)
And, we had recorded it.
Yea , enjoy the formasi. XD

Canteen Day

We were all very excited waiting for the Canteen Day's approach. ( As most of you know that MOST of our scout members are quite desperate and "ganas")
Or maybe you don't believe much? Why don't give it a try ? :-)
We scouts, will never give up any chance, not even the merest chance of having fun or crapping.
We are learning, we never try to back away when we come to a problem or obstacles, instead, we overcome it by our teamwork.
Ok, let's pictures and video speak for me . :-p

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scouts' Room Renewal

We have cleaned and tidied up our scouts' room.
Our upcoming activity will be announced soon.
Please check your inbox message regularly.
Please text Wei Hao if there is any question.

Updated Information Board

We have updated our information board to the latest.

Whenever you are free, please take a look of it.

Any announcement or activity information will be pasted up there.

please merely take a look.

A successful activity demands great commitment.